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A new realization comes as an opportunity for a new way of living. Hold on to your dreams and succeed through your failures with ongoing perseverance in the belief of good in this world, the truth will set you free. 

 Creativity is the highest form of value in men and women, holding this truth close to your heart turns the world away, as we know it, from profit to life. 

“The basis of social relationships is reciprocity: if you cooperate with others, others will cooperate with you.”― Carroll Quigley

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To the new candidates and Proteus members. Please post any information that you have regarding Signa…

Hi, well my last message I posted did not go through. 

No I still can't see contact details of members. 

I cannot see the new participants either?

It's probably to late to give them a reminder now. 



Hi, no luck I cant see the account emails. 
I also don't see all the new participants. 
I only see one new individual, Elena Maslova-Levin.
How do I see the other participants?

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