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If you would like to meet people who participated in the Wisdom of Trauma event. Please feel free to join here.

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This is a place for parents to engage and share experiences they had with their children. Experiences can be positive or negative. 

For individual emails go to people, click on their profile and the email should be there. Let me know if you can see them.

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sMy zoom room is open.


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Creativity - The ability to organize the total environment--physical, biological and psychosocial--into new patterns which increase truth for at least one person, while not decreasing truth for any person. Creativity is a direct function of intelligence and ethics:


C = IE



C =Creativity in quanta of new knowledge generated per unit time. It ranges from infinity to negative infinity.

I =Intelligence in quanta of old knowledge controlled per unit time. It ranges from zero to infinity.

E =Ethics, a dimensionless quantity between -1 and +1 representing the fraction of our total energy spent decreasing truth (negative) or increasing truth (positive).

This equation is an approximation.

Source: John David Garcia

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Contribute to a long-term shared vision for society. Post your ideas of your vision of what you would want to experience as a member of this future society.

If you woke up one morning 300 years into the future, what would you like to experience. How would society behave? What would our world look like? 

A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Research demonstrates cold
fighting power of hugging
Kasley Killam • March 17, 2015

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